From Humble Beginnings

Born in Detroit’s inner city, Earnest Cobb faced many challenges from a young age. Gangs, drugs and crime was a way of life. The future Slot Guru followed the teachings of his grandmother to stay in school and stay away from drugs. At a young age he found a love in baseball, and it was on the field that he first channeled his energies. Baseball was his ticket out of the inner city and the life he knew. Through his dedication to hard work and determination to reach success he earned a college athletic scholarship.  Ultimately, it became the game changer of his life... until he played a slot machine.

The Winning Edge

Today, Earnest stays true to his early teachings. He shares his passion for winning and giving back. The Slot Guru understands that to be a winner you have to want to win and he attributes his success in life, as well as the casino, to the SPEC Principle: SELECT – PROJECT – EXPECT – COLLECT. You can learn more about the principles that have won him millions at one of his upcoming seminars.

Most of the Slot Guru’s winnings are given to complete strangers. “I love to give money to people who never expect it. Going up to someone and handing them a $100 bill in the casino when they least expect it makes me happy. Giving to others is what I believe the lord wants me to do. It’s all about Karma," said the Slot Guru.

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With almost two decades of experience, the Slot Guru has created a guide for real people, like YOU, who want to beat the odds and win real money!

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